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Water in caravan and camper with the comfort of home!

In your camper or caravan, of course, you like to be supplied with water. You open the tap and voilá: the water flows from the tap. Je gaat er pas bij nadenken als er op een dag geen water meer uit je kraan komt. There is a good chance that your water pump is defective. What water pump do you actually have? What exactly does a water pump do and what should you pay attention to if you want to buy a new water pump? Sanymo brings everything in the field of water for your caravan or motorhome, better quality for a lower price.

Before we explain what you should pay attention to, it is first important that you understand exactly what a water pump is and does. A water pump is mounted near the water tank in your motorhome or caravan. The water tank is often found under a sofa or bed. To ensure that the water from the water tank eventually reaches the tap, it is important that the water is pumped through the pipes to the tap. A water pump takes care of this: a water pump sucks the water from the water tank and the pressure of the pump then causes the water to flow through the pipes to your tap.

What does a water pump do?

Sanymo strives to provide products with better quality, at a lower price!

Submersible pump or pressure pump system?

We distinguish two types of water pumps. A submersible pump and a pressure pump. As the word probably suggests, a submersible pump is suspended in the water in the water tank. A submersible pump pumps the water directly from the water tank and the water is then led through the pipes to your tap. When using a submersible pump, the water jet can sometimes stutter a bit. Current submersible pumps on the market do not know when there is no more water in the tank. As a result, the submersible pump remains without water (running dry) and the motor in the submersible pump will overheat and break down.

The SP-18 and SP-21 from Sanymo
Sanymo’s SP-18 and SP-21 have built-in dry-running protection so that dry-running will no longer occur. Below a water level of 2 centimetres, the pump will automatically switch off, which is an immediate sign that the clean water tank needs to be refilled. With a submersible pump it is always necessary to have a tap with a built-in 12 volt switch. So you cannot use a faucet from home with a submersible pump.

How does a pressure pump work
A pressure pump is mounted outside the water tank and sucks the water by means of a pressure pump. a hose from the tank. A pressure pump starts when the pressure drops, that is to say; the moment the tap is opened, the pressure drops, the pump turns on, and water comes out of the tap. When the tap is closed, the water does not flow back further than the pressure pump. As a result, when you open the tap, you have water faster and also a better water jet, as you are used to at home. A tap can also be used with a pressure pump, such as you have at home. The taps for the home are of a better quality and there is much more choice in color and shape.

Differences between pressure pump and submersible pump
There are a few noticeable differences between a submersible pump and a pressure pump, a pressure pump makes a little more noise than a submersible pump. A pressure pump is not in the water, and if the pressure pump is pumping and, for example, is lying on a wooden surface, this is audible. The pressure of a pressure pump is also often higher, which means that not every boiler is suitable, because some boilers can burst and leak if the pressure is too high. Fortunately, Sanymo also has a pressure pump system with a low pressure, which means that it can be used with any boiler.

A submersible pump or pressure pump ensures that water flows out of the tap when you open the tap. In addition to the fact that it is important to see whether you want a submersible or pressure pump, it is also important to determine whether you want a water pump with a non-return valve and what capacity and pressure you want.

Go where you want. As long as you want. But always with a good water system on board.


Pressure pump system

Sanymo drukpompsysteem

Water in caravan and camper with the comfort of home. The Sanymo pressure pump system makes it possible!

Submersible pump

Never again a defective pump due to dry running The top models have a dry-running safety device that shuts off the pump when the tank is empty.

Accumulator tank

The Sanymo accumulator tank ensures a smoother water flow, lower power consumption, and reduces the noise of the pressure pump.

Water Treatment Plant


The Sanymo3 converts oxygen into ozone gas. The water in the clean water tank and the entire water system always bacteria and biofilm free.


Complete boilers including control, advanced heating element, and insulating casing. Choice of: 3 liter combo, 6 liter or 10 liter.

Boiler tank

A broken boiler tank? The definitive solution is the BT-6 boiler tank; a frost-resistant tank made of high-grade stainless steel.

Heating Element

With the HE300B heating element for the Truma Therme TT2 and HEATEK BT-6, the water heater works like new again.

Drinking water hose

Sanymo drinking water hose is pressure-resistant, flexible and has a high temperature range. Ideal for RVs, caravans and boats.


Quick, 100% leak-tight installation by inserting the tube into the fitting. The Sanymo couplings are dismountable and reusable.

Sanymo offers a solution for every camper!